[Advanced warning, this is very much a Mum post, don’t expect any philosophical insights!] Several trips to IKEA , and several Amazon orders later, I can finally say that the five of us are looking pretty settled in at 126 Coleridge. Naturally, the house hasn’t quite acquired much in the way of a soul yet, but it sure has a lot of cheap Swedish furniture. Here’s my rather, shall we say, minimalist room:

My rather bare bedroom

And the combo open plan living and dining room, complete with some flatmates:

The living / dining room

This house is actually bizarrely similar to my old place in Bristol. Its built on a very steep hill and as such the building is a lot taller than it at first appears. Our back door is two stories from ground level, and so has a frankly beautiful view of at least some of SF:

The view from the back door

Its also similar to Bristol in being located in a neighbourhood that’s conveniently near the Mission, (where a great deal of nightlife is), but just far enough out that you can sleep uninterrupted, very similar to Clifton really, perhaps that’s why I’m so fond of the place!

So its official, I have a place, and there’s a ton of floor space, so now whoever you are, you have no excuse not to come visit. Except perhaps the air fare.